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Couple's Annual Planning Framework [Digital File]

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  • "The Planning Session is a great time for self-reflection. I love how the first part is time to listen to myself - and to myself only. It can get confusing when you have been married for 15 years! So it was a good time to come to the conversation with what I really wanted for myself  apart from what we both wanted as a couple." (Annie, 43yrs old)

  • "I think this was one of the deepest conversations we've had as a couple after the babies were born." (Reema, 34yrs old)

  • "I was just telling my wife that more than a planning session, this was actually team-building for us!" (Rob, 38yrs old)   


We can sometimes get so busy with work and life that we sometimes forget that the most important relationship we have is the one we have at home. We do long term planning, review our monthly and weekly goals, manage our task lists, but we do it as INDIVIDUALS or as part of a BUSINESS or COMPANY. There are so many frameworks for both organisational strategic planning and personal goal setting, but there are very few frameworks for couples to plan their lives and discuss their goals. 

This framework will guide you and your spouse through a ONE DAY PLANNING SESSION.


  • Relationship Assessment

  • Self-Reflection exercises

  • Long Term Planning Guide

  • Short to Mid Term Planning Guide 


  • Time for personal self-reflection

  • Conversation starters with your spouse

  • Not just a planning exercise but a team-building exercise


Eric Santillan has been a relationship counsellor for 21 years. He is married with two kids. He is also a productivity and organisational development consultant with a Masters from the University of Liverpool. His mission is to bring the discipline and effectiveness of organisational and management tools into personal relationships, to make them even more meaningful and full of life. Follow Eric Santillan and AccessForInnerPeace to learn more about time-tested tools in building better and more effective relationships for your personal life.